Systems for Wood & Rubber Sports Floors

A synthetic sports floor

Why Sports Floor Require Special Coatings

Wood and synthetic sports floors are essential for providing a safe and high-performance playing surface for athletes in various sports. To ensure the safety of athletes and prevent injuries, these sports floors must adhere to stringent slip standards. Slip resistance is crucial in sports flooring to prevent athletes from slipping and falling during intense physical activities. By meeting these standards, sports floors can provide a stable and secure surface that allows athletes to perform at their best without the risk of injury. Additionally, complying with slip standards also helps to maintain the longevity and durability of the sports floor, ensuring that it remains safe and functional for athletes over time.

The Products Associated with Our Anti-Slip Offering

Prep Cleaner for All Surfaces

All-Prep Deep Cleaner

A restoration cleaner that effectively removes all traces of scuff marks, oils and detergent residue, in preparation for recoating sports floors.

Hydrothane HT Finish

A water-based urethane-acrylic emulsion that provides great gloss and excellent durability on wood sports floors. 32% Solids. 2 coats recommended.

Syn-Coat Synthetic Floor

A deep penetrating yet pliable sealer and conditioner for rubber and synthetic floors and other surfaces. This product is intended to fill pores.

Coast-to-Coast Urethane

Our 350 VOC Compliant Oil-Modified Urethane for use on Wood Gym Floors. Builds to an exceptional gloss at even just a single coat. 2 recommended.

Permakote paste wax

Permakote Paste Wax

Used on aerobic and other wood floor surfaces that require less slip resistance and more fluidity of movement. Apply with lambswool and buff.