Revolutionize Your Floors with Epoxy Coatings

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The Strategic Advantage of Perma's Water-based Epoxy Acrylate Finishes

Low initial prep, acquisition and application costs for our concrete epoxy finishes are only the beginning of the advantages you will enjoy as you come into a new age of floor coatings. Leave behind the degradation dusts of bare concrete and the perpetual maintenance required by common acrylic-latex floor paints. This system delivers better adhesion, 5-10 times the life expectancy and better chemical resistance.

Epoxy acrylate compound

What are Epoxy-Acrylates & How are they Superior?

Epoxy acrylate finishes are coatings that are made by combining epoxy resins with acrylic resins. These finishes offer several advantages over other coatings:

1. Excellent adhesion: Epoxy acrylate finishes have superior adhesion properties, allowing them to form a strong bond with a variety of substrates, including concrete, metal, wood, and plastic.

2. Chemical and abrasion resistance: These finishes provide excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, and abrasion, making them suitable for applications in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and chemical processing.

3. UV resistance: Epoxy acrylate finishes are highly resistant to UV rays, preventing color fading or degradation when exposed to sunlight. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications.

4. Fast curing time: These finishes typically have a fast curing time, meaning they dry quickly and can be ready for use in a short period. This increases productivity and reduces downtime.

5. Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions: Epoxy acrylate finishes are often designed to have low VOC emissions, making them environmentally friendly and compliant with regulatory requirements.

6. Versatility: These finishes can be formulated to have various properties, such as high gloss, matte, or even textured surfaces. They can also be pigmented to achieve a wide range of colors, enhancing design flexibility and aesthetics.

Overall, epoxy acrylate finishes offer excellent durability, adhesion, UV resistance, and chemical resistance, making them a preferred choice over other coatings in many industrial and commercial applications.

Preparation & Application as Simple as 1..2..3


The end result will only be as reliable and durable as the surface to which the epoxy is applied; therefore, ensuring that the concrete floor is completely free of loose soil, dust, oil and grease is essential to the final outcome. This is accomplished with the use of our associated cleaners: All Prep, Deep Impact and Prepare.


The next step of the program is to provide a binder and surface adherent for your concrete floor surface that is compatible with epoxy coatings. This reduces the likelihood of additional substrate decay and provides for ionic bonding between coats. Here you have the choice of clear, gray or black, some of these options are subject to minimum batch size.


Finally, the top coats. While the sealers are applied with a flat mop, these are applied with brushes, rollers and/or drag-bars. Two coats are recommended, and if pigmentation is added to a clear coat over a gray or black base, then three. Each coat should be applied so as to cover, but not puddle. To view pigment options, click here.

The Products Associated with Our Water-based Concrete Program

Prep Cleaner for All Surfaces

All Prep or Deep Impact

A choice of cleaner-degreasers for preparing concrete surfaces: All-Prep for use on light soil, Deep Impact for use when heavy greases are present. Mix 1:4-8.

Etching Solution for Concrete

Prepare Acid Etch Solution

A highly acidic RTU acid etching solution for use after removing any topical soils. Eliminates embedded dust and opens pores for better adhesion.

Rock-On Concrete Sealer

A highly viscous, fast-building acrylic sealer for concrete that penetrates porous concrete and creates an epoxy-bonding surface for use under Perma Seal.

Titanium or Onyx

Of the same technology as Rock-On but the the addition of a dense Gray (Titanium) or Black (Onyx) pigment that creates a depth of color under Perma Seal.

Perma Seal Clear or Gray

A high performance, water based epoxy/acrylate finish provides outstanding durability, abrasion resistance, and high gloss retention. Non-Toxic.

Perma Seal Epoxy Color System

Add amazing colors to your epoxy floors with our Metallic coloring system. Choose from a wide variety of color additives that can be mixed right into your #22 Clear and applied over Titanium or Onyx.

Perma PolyStar 350 Urethane

A Oil-Modified Urethane Coating that meets or exceeds the various state VOC requirements, and yet is easy to apply and durable on your concrete floor. High gloss and fast building.