Products for Foodservice & Facility Cleaning

A Sampling of our Top Selling Products in this Class

While Perma has been formulating and producing a wide range of cleaners for over 70 years, we have found that posting everything just clouds your ability to find the products you want. Below you will find just a sampling of our top-selling items, divided into three core categories:

Commercial Kitchens

When looking for a daily cleaner for commercial kitchens, you can hardly find a better product than Perma #180 Geo-Clean Cleaner & Degreaser or one of our oldest products, #110 Clean-All. For Deep Cleaning of hoods, appliances and more, look to #155CL Chlorinated Grease Strip CL.

Pubs & Bars

One of our more narrowly focused, but a very fast-selling product is our #158 Green Line Draught (Beer) Line Cleaner. Unlike our competitors, we have fortified our beer line cleaner with a powerful dose of a fluorescent additive to indicate beyond question when there is detergent in the line and not.

Acid Bowl Cleaner

Going back at least 50 years, #113 Lavasept Restroom and Toilet Bowl Cleaner has been a staple in our facility cleaning line-up. This moderately strong ready-to-use cleaner will handle the deep or daily cleaning needs of your staff on all the porcelain and chrome fixtures found in any restroom.

The Products Associated with Foodservice or Facility Cleaning

#110 Clean-All

#110 Clean-All

Clean All, all-purpose cleaner & degreaser, is an outstanding choice for cleaning stubborn dirt and soil from wall tiles, porcelain, slate, plastics, stainless, enameled and more.

#180 Geo-Clean

Geo-Clean is a safe to use, environmentally friendly, GP cleaner and degreaser, for use on all kinds of hard surfaces: tile, ceramic, glass, concrete, stainless steel and formica.

#155CL Grease Strip CL

#155CL Grease Strip CL

Formulated with alkaline cleaners and grease cutting solvents to break up the most stubborn animal fats, grease, oil, and protein-based soils.

Fortified with chlorine to bleach.

#158 Green Line Draft Line Cleaner

#158 Green Line Cleaner

Green Line - outperforming caustic detergents - BIG TIME!

#113 Lavasept

#113 Lavasept Cleaner

A rich, think, clinging 35% collection of carefully selected acids, detergents and corrosion inhibitors. Lavasept will overcome even th e toughest of restroom cleaning jobs.