Looped Nylon Finish Applicator – 5″ x 18″


For the floor care professional or specialist that coats offices, classrooms and the occasional hallway.

A unique design to provide the least expensive, lightest and fastest manual means for spreading acrylic and water-borne urethane floor coatings.

For larger applications, see our offerings from Fas-Trak Industries: The Ultra-Trak, and the Sting-Ray.


Pass-Thru 5" x 18" Nylon Finish Applicator

Our Nylon Finish Applicator makes short order of any size finish application job. When used with our pour bucket, an average classroom can be coated in just 5 minutes, and the applicator can be rinsed dozens of times, machine laundered, and used over and over for years!

The durability comes from our 100% nylon construction, that is unique to our design.  The yarn is nylon, the mesh backing is nylon, and even the ties are nylon!

Furthermore, being mesh, instead of fabric, the finish can be passed directly through the applicator to the floor, spread evenly and all while being exceptionally lightweight.


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5" x 18" (stocked in cases of 12)
5" x 24" (special order only)
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