Permakote Paste Wax Finish (Solvent-Solid)


Permakote Paste Wax (solid) is among the most versatile and overlooked products produced by Perma, Inc.

Applicable, reparable and beautiful when applied to a large variety of floor substrates, this product protects virtually any hard surface from damage and stains from water, salt, and a number of common chemicals.

Permakote Paste Wax, along with being a suitable finish for floors, is also a marvelous treatment for metal work surfaces, tools, machinery, plow blades, dump buckets, truck bodies, and as a release agent in Fiberglas molds.

Available in clear and two colors, simply by specifying #7001 (clear), #7002 (light oak) or #7003 (dark walnut), and in 1, 4 and 30 pound cans.

Permakote Paste Wax (Clear, Oak, Walnut)

Designed to provide heavy-duty protection and a high gloss finish for all wood and some composition and stone surfaces, this smooth paste-type finish is formulated from select #1 carnauba and synthetic waxes suspended in a hydrocarbon solvent-based system.

Easily applied with a low-speed buffing machine and buffing pad, this one-step application dissolves and suspends black heel marks, oily deposits, and soil, leaving behind a wax finish which can be buffed to a lustrous shine. Used in a routine maintenance program Permakote Wax forms a tough film which will prevent damage to expensive wood surfaces from scratching, dirt penetration, and soil or water stains. Permakote Wax also effectively protects cork, linoleum, terrazzo, marble and ceramic tile surfaces.

Permakote Wax is available in three colors; clear, light oak, or dark brown, to allow varying degrees of grain enhancement when used on wood surfaces. Permakote Wax is also effective in coating and protecting metal and fiberglass surfaces, and can be used as a release agent in molding or casting applications.

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- 1-Pound (12/case)(all areas of the USA) - 4-Pound (12/case)(restricted) - 30lbs Pails (restricted)
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