Landmark Urethane-Acrylic Floor Finish-Sealer

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Landmark is the toughest, long lasting sealer for vinyl composition tile floors available.

Landmark’s exceptional versatility also makes it an excellent sealer/finish for hard surfaces such as terrazzo, marble, ceramic tile, and even concrete. The perfect product for those committed to Scrub & Recoat Program savings, and when used as a sealer, only one coat is required.

Use 3 coats when used as a Low Sheen One-Step product for classrooms, exam and patient rooms.


Landmark Urethane-Fortified Floor Finish & Sealer

Landmark’s urethane-modified acrylic polymer combination forms a tough, restorative, semi-permanent sealer for resilient tile floors, or a sealer/finish for hard surfaces like terrazzo, marble, granite, ceramic tile, Mexican tile, and even concrete.

Landmark is not normally removed by routine stripping procedures making it ideal for maintenance professionals who wish to retain a sealer base coat even after successive floor finish stripping and recoating procedures.

When used on hard flooring surfaces it forms a tough, durable, high gloss coating which may be left as is, or coated with any one of Perma’s high quality floor finishes for easy maintenance. 

Landmark requires only a single, thin coat when used as a sealer, 3 thin coats when used as a low-gloss finish, and may be removed by using a 1:1 dilution of Perma #118 Eliminator Stripper and scrubbing with a stripping pad.

[Please note: the gloss floor photos to the left, are those that were first coated with Landmark, top-coated with Cutting Edge, and burnished using Perma Balance pre-treatment. These floor maintained both their shine and integrity for 3 TIMES longer than the finish used previously by this retail chain!]

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