All-Coat High Solids Multi-Surface Floor Finish



All-Coat lives up to its name with a broad list of hard substrate coating and finishing applications.

Perfect for schools – This single finish will work perfectly to cut your workload in HALF, when used on classroom floors, wooden gymnasium floors, or Terrazzo and concrete.

Apply this finish with a Fas-Trak Ultra-Trak applicator, or apply it with a flat finish mop; either way, this high solids finish will give you great initial gloss and rugged durability on VCT, Concrete, Terrazzo or Wood.

Mark my words, All-Coat will join All-Seal as a nearly incomparable duo in floorcare!

To see how this product fits into our All-Floor System, follow this link.


All-Coat Acrylic Urethane High Solids Floor Finish

One of the two revolutionary products Perma introduced in 2018, All-Coat fits into just about as many product categories as All-Seal.

This fast-building, high-gloss Polyurethane Dispersion finish can be used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Coating VCT tile floors in less than HALF the time, generally requiring only 2 coats over All-Seal
  • Coating light to medium trafficked concrete floor (tougher than Rock-On, but less than Perma Seal II).
  • Providing a beautiful gloss alternative to constantly polishing terrazzo floors.
  • Quickly coating educational, residential and light commercial wood floors with a burnishable, reparable gloss coating.

Regardless of the application or substrate, you will get a quick and beautiful gloss; will cut your time and labor by at least half; and yet will have all of the same capacity to strip, burnish or scrub and re-coat like traditional finishes – yet with greater durability.

Download Product Spec Sheet

All-Coat Spec Sheet

Download Product SDS

All-Coat SDS
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- Gallons (4/case)
- Pails (5gal)
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