Waterless Cleaner (Prep & Clean-up for Oil-Based Finishes)



Waterless Cleaner is a solvent-based cleaner for wood surfaces. Waterless Cleaner does a great job when used to tack, clean flooring surfaces before applying polyurethanes or solvent-based finishes.

Waterless Cleaner may also be used as a dust mop treatment of wood and concrete surfaces.


Waterless Floor Cleaner

Waterless Cleaner is a solvent-based cleaning compound designed specifically for cleaning and degreasing wood and concrete floor surfaces. Waterless Cleaner does a superb job of cleaning and degreasing prior to applying oil-modified urethane or other solvent-based finishes.

Waterless Cleaner may also be used in the routine maintenance of wood and concrete surfaces. Waterless Cleaner is highly effective at dissolving oils, grease, hydraulic fluid, and removing black heel and tire marks. When used for maintaining wood floors, Waterless Cleaner eliminates the potential dangers of darkening and raised grain associated with water-based cleaners.

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- Quarts (12 x 1qt)
- Gallons (4 x 1gal)
- Pail (5gal) (S/O Only)
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