Balance Anti-Slip Finish Hardener & Gloss Enhancer

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A treatment without equal.

Get the very best out of any of our fine finishes with this revolutionary product. Applied to Cutting Edge™ (Tuff Gloss™ or Lock Gloss™) just ahead of the first burnishing, this product will weave a “fish scale-like”, hard, durable, glossy protective coating. Get twice the life out of any finish with Balance. This ready-to-apply product enhances the gloss, hardness and slip-resistance all in a single application, just ahead of burnishing – to virtually any high speed finish.


Balance Slip-Resistance Maintainer, Enhancer & Restorer

Balance is Perma’s latest breakthrough in floor safety, finish durability, and gloss enhancement. Designed to harden most floor finishes, Balance can save the contractor hours in labor by reducing the need for costly scrub and recoats. Apply Balance to a clean floor, allow to dry and burnish at 1000+ RPM.

When your floors don’t POP, simply reapply Balance to the worn area and burnish. At 5000 square feet per gallon, Balance will help you “balance your budget” while making your floor finish harder, glossier and  more slip resistant.

[Please note: the above gloss floor photos, are those that were first coated with Landmark, top-coated with Cutting Edge, and burnished using Perma Balance pre-treatment. These floor maintained both their shine and integrity for 3 TIMES longer than the finish used previously by this retail chain!]

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Balance Specifications

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Balance SDS
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- Gallons (4/case)
- Pails (5gal) - Drums (55 gal)
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