Aurora Anti-Slip Neutral Floor Cleaner & Restorer

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With all of the technological enhancements of Stand Up™, but with additional gloss repairers and builders, Aurora™ can be use as both a cleaner and maintainer in a single step.

Designed for use wherever a regular burnishing routine is practiced, Aurora™ has also demonstrated that it can improve gloss with just the friction of the right choice of cleaning and polishing pads on an autoscrubber.

Aurora: Slip-Resistance Neutral Cleaner & Gloss Enhancer

Advanced formula technology, utilizing CSAD-0710, has allowed the development of this specially formulated,one-step gloss and slip resistance enhancing cleaner/maintainer. Aurora cleans and restores the gloss of a variety of floor surfaces including vinyl tile, synthetic sports flooring, marble, terrazzo, polished stones and sealed wood.

Aurora can be applied with either a mop or automatic scrubber and will not cause a build-up with routine use. Field use has produced an average increase in slip resistance of .1 SCOF per application.

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- Gallons (4/case)
- Pails (5gal) - Drums (55 gal)
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