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For the Small Business –

Contract Cleaners, Motels, Daycare Centers, Office Buildings, Foodservice Departments; Transportation, Construction or Mechanical Shops, we introduce…

Synergy SB, a Simply Better Dilution Control System, employing Squeeze Bottles that measure up to 1oz of concentrate for use in a Trigger Bottle (generally at 1/2oz/bottle), or a Pump Foamer-Sprayer (generally at 1oz/bottle), and sometimes in a Bucketless Mop for control of grease, oil, grime, or to control the risk of Slip & Fall Accidents (generally at 1oz/cartridge).


Synergy SB #2070 Stand Up Anti-Slip Neutral Cleaner

Synergy SB Stand Up is a not your average neutral cleaner.  By employing a proprietary technology to increase the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) to virtually any surface, we have developed a product that can help to improve safety with every cleaning.

Applicable with either a mop or autoscrubber, Synergy SB Stand Up will not develop a residual build-up with regular use, but will assist with both cleaning and maintaining floors between cleaning.

You may expect an increase of 0.1 SCOF with each application of Synergy SB Stand Up, bringing many floors into compliance with ANSI and OSHA standards for the first time!

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Synergy SB Program Specifications

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Synergy Stand Up SDS


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- 6/32oz Squeeze Bottles/case
- 3/2Ltr Squeeze Bottles/case (see SynergyClean.Solutions)
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