18″ Complete Scrub & Bonnet Pad System



An essential part of our Perma Assured Performance program.

These brush-pad systems will add the perfect amount of “Mechanical Action” to the “Chemical Action” found in every Perma product.


18" Complete Scrub & Bonnet Cleaning System

Increase cleaning efficiency, and chemical performance with this specialized tool from Fas-Trak Industries, and now available from Perma.

Designed for use with any 20″ low-speed buffer, this driver uses a system of (4) proprietary brushes to dig soil from grouted tile, profiled rubber or low-profile carpet, and wick that soil into a durable, launder-able 19″ slotted pad.  Each kit comes with (4) bonnets, driver, clutch plate and brushes.

While it can be used with virtually any Perma product, we can specifically recommend the following:

  • Deep Cleaning grouted tile floors with Perma #101 Instant Traction;
  • Deep Cleaning profiled rubber floors with Perma #255 All-Prep;
  • Speed Cleaning low-profile carpet with either Synergy Soil Break (traffic lanes) or Synergy Capture (all carpet). 


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18" 3-D Slotted Driver
Clutch Plate
(4) Profile Scrub Brushes
(4) 19" Slotted Cleaning Bonnets
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