Synergy SB Benchtop Industrial Cleaner


For the Small Business –

Contract Cleaners, Motels, Daycare Centers, Office Buildings, Foodservice Departments; Transportation, Construction or Mechanical Shops, we introduce…

Synergy SB, a Simply Better Dilution Control System, employing Squeeze Bottles that measure up to 1oz of concentrate for use in a Trigger Bottle (generally at 1/2oz/bottle), or a Pump Foamer-Sprayer (generally at 1oz/bottle), and sometimes in a Bucketless Mop for control of grease, oil, grime, or to control the risk of Slip & Fall Accidents (generally at 1oz/cartridge).


Synergy SB #2010 Benchtop Concentrated Cleaner-Degreaser

Synergy SB Benchtop is a highly concentrated blend of complex detergents and alkaline cleaning agents that delivers safer removal  of greases and oils from tools, parts and benchtop surfaces in any industrial, mechanical and construction workplace.

Use Synergy SB Benchtop to create a “go-to” cleaner that can be used on any surface safe for water contact. Synergy SB Benchtop will remove salt build up, grease, grime, oil and even carbon and silicone dust from any item that can be handled and wiped dry. Synergy SB Benchtop will not promote corrosion any more than water alone.

Synergy SB Benchtop is non-toxic, non-corrosive and fully biodegradable.

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Synergy SB Program Specifications

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Synergy SB Benchtop SDS


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- 6/32oz Squeeze Bottles/case
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