Synergy SB Citru-Clean USDA Compliant


For the Small Business –

Contract Cleaners, Motels, Daycare Centers, Office Buildings, Foodservice Departments; Transportation, Construction or Mechanical Shops, we introduce…

Synergy SB, a Simply Better Dilution Control System, employing Squeeze Bottles that measure up to 1oz of concentrate for use in a Trigger Bottle (generally at 1/2oz/bottle), or a Pump Foamer-Sprayer (generally at 1oz/bottle), and sometimes in a Bucketless Mop for control of grease, oil, grime, or to control the risk of Slip & Fall Accidents (generally at 1oz/cartridge).


Synergy SB #2170 Citru-Clean USDA Compliant Cleaner-Degreaser

Synergy SB Citru-Clean is a highly concentrated blend of natural citrus solvents and specialty surfactant, producing one of the best, most effective cleaners for all around a commercial kitchen.  With superior soil suspension properties, this product delivers excellent penetration of all types of animal and vegetable fats, greases, oils and built-up grime, while rinsing freely from even stainless steel and chrome surfaces.

Use Synergy SB Citru-Clean on every kitchen surface in schools, nursing homes, delis, convenience stores, pubs, restaurants.

Synergy SB Citru-Clean is non-toxic, non-corrosive and fully biodegradable.

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Synergy SB Program Specifications

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Synergy SB Citru-Clean SDS


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- 6/32oz Squeeze Bottles/case
- 3/2Ltr Squeeze Bottles/case (see SynergyClean.Solutions)
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