Deep Impact Cleaner-Degreaser for Stone, Tile & Concrete



Kitchen grease, in particular, can be thoroughly penetrating; especially into profiled, unglazed quarry tile and grout.

To emulsify and remove such an embedded mess, your cleaner needs to dig deep, you need Deep Impact.

Mixed at around 8oz/gal, Deep Impact can make cleaning these floors in preparation for sealing much easier. Please note: to neutralize the alkalinity, and etch the surface of the tiles, follow this step with a 1:1 solution of Perma Prepare.


Deep Impact, Intensive Stone & Grout Cleaner

Deep Impact is a powerful chlorinated foaming degreaser. This fast-acting, restorative cleaner is the most aggressive cleaner for restoring stone floors on the market today. Fortified with chlorine to brighten hard surfaces, ceramic tile walls, concrete floors, and grouting.

Deep Impact is recommended for use in lobbies, restaurants, institutional kitchens, food processing plants, and on heavily soiled floors and work areas.

Deep Impact contains no abrasives, is fast-acting, non-flammable, and biodegradable. Deep Impact deep cleans granite, quarry tile, marble, porcelain tile, and highly vitrified tiles.

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Deep Impact Specifications

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Deep Impact SDS
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- Gallons (4/case)
- Pails (5gal)
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