Stronghold Solvent Sealer & Impregnator



Strong Hold Concrete Sealer/Conditioner is specially formulated to penetrate concrete and some stone & tile surfaces to place a protective chemical resistant acrylic/urethane matrix within the top layer of concrete surfaces to prevent staining and spotting from gasoline, oils, hydraulic fluid, etc. The surface is left clear and more slip resistant.


Stronghold, Surface Sealer & Impregnator

As the exterior use cousin to Stone Seal, Stronghold is specially formulated to both penetrate dimensional stone surfaces, and place a protective barrier of urethane resins within the top layer of exterior concrete surfaces. This impenetrable barrier protects mineral surfaces, preventing staining and water spotting.

Stronghold is perfect for fuel pump islands, pads and sidewalks that otherwise are constantly subjected to stains from oil, grease, and other spilled fluids.

Stronghold produces excellent results when used as an impregnator and conditioner, is best reserved to applications on concrete, but will work perfectly well over any stone surface where you want a gloss, durable coating.

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Stronghold Specifications

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Stronghold SDS
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- Quarts (12/case)
- Gallons (4/case) - Pails (5gal) (S/O Only)
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