All-Prep Deep & Restorative Floor Cleaner



When it comes time to deep scrub & re-coat, All-Prep is the one cleaner for every floor surface.

All-Prep will safely and effectively remove scuffs, soil and other embedded stains from finishes applied to VCT tile, vinyl sheet goods, rubber flooring, wood floors (water-based programs), ceramic tile and concrete.

All-Prep, used in conjunction with a Surface Prep Pad (SPP) will general remove 2 coats of damaged floor finish, leaving a surface ready for restoration.  Generally diluted at 2-8 oz/gal, depending on soil-load and porosity.

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All-Prep Deep Restorative Cleaner

All Prep is a safe, versatile cleaner formulated for preparing and cleaning wood, synthetic sports, concrete and vinyl tile floors for recoating. By using various dilutions, All Prep will effectively remove food & protein-based soils, grease, body oils, scuffs, black heel marks, embedded soils and controlled amounts of oxidized coatings from wood floors sealed with water or solvent based finishes, synthetic sports floors and finished vinyl tile floors.

All Prep’s moderate pH and clean Safety Data Sheet make it safer to use than many prep products. All Prep evaporates quickly and doesn’t require rinsing prior to recoating.

All Prep can also be used as part of a scheduled maintenance program, or as a spot cleaner for wood floors sealed with water or solvent based finishes. Ideal for use on commercial wood floors in restaurants, dining areas, retail stores, sports facilities and other areas where heavy soil loads make maintenance a challenge.

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All-Prep Specifications

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- Gallons (4/case)
- Pails (5gal)
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