20″ 3000# grit Diamond System Pad, 5 pads/case



An essential part of our Perma Assured Performance program.

Diamond honing, polishing, and burnishing pads for perpetually beautiful stone, concrete and terrazzo floors.

Sold 5 pads/case.


20" 1500# grit Diamond Polishing Pads, 5 pads/case

Build a floor that lasts for a generation, not just a season.

With the Perma Stone Floor System, floors are honed, treated, polished and preserved to deliver perpetual beauty, not just temporary shine.  With our system, dull floors are finessed to sustainable perfection with just a few steps:

  1. Unsealed concrete or terrazzo is honed with 400# grit pads to remove minor scratches and mitigate porous or salt-damaged areas;
  2. The surfaces is then wet scrubbed and honed finer with 800# grit pads and a little water.
  3. The surface is sealed and densified with Perma #571 All-Seal .
  4. This completes the preparation phases.

From here a regular maintenance program is employed as follows:

a. Automatic scrubbers are treated to a 1:64 solution of Perma #71 Aurora.

b. The scrubber is then fitted with the appropriately sized 1500# grit floor pad.  Regular cleaning commences as normal.

c. After a period of 2 weeks, the autoscrubber is re-fitted with 3000# pads and cleaning continues with the same cleaning agent, #71 Aurora. This becomes the stander practice. 

Dry burnishing with a 3000# grit pad will definitely accelerate the resulting shine.


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Packed 5 pads/case -
400# grit (honing)
800# grit (polishing, step 1)
1500# grit (polishing, step 2)
3000# grit (burnishing)
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