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For the Small Business –

Contract Cleaners, Motels, Daycare Centers, Office Buildings, Foodservice Departments; Transportation, Construction or Mechanical Shops, we introduce…

Synergy SB, a Simply Better Dilution Control System, employing Squeeze Bottles that measure up to 1oz of concentrate for use in a Trigger Bottle (generally at 1/2oz/bottle), or a Pump Foamer-Sprayer (generally at 1oz/bottle), and sometimes in a Bucketless Mop for control of grease, oil, grime, or to control the risk of Slip & Fall Accidents (generally at 1oz/cartridge).


Synergy SB #2065 Capture for Carpet & Upholstery

Synergy SB Soil Break is a highly concentrated, mildly alkaline, multi-purpose cleaning agent that serves exceptionally well as a carpet & upholstery pre-treatment agent. When used in conjunction with Synergy SB Capture, it not only will free most spots and stains from fabric, but will leave virtually NO residue behind to promote re-soiling.

Being mildly acidic, Synergy SB Capture neutralizes the cleaning power of Synergy SB Soil Break, rinses freely, and leaves carpet, upholstery and bedding smelling fresh and clean.

Mixing Synergy SB Soil Break at 1oz/qt or 2oz/pump sprayer will create a near-perfect spot cleaner for removing embedded soil from automobile carpets, seats and interior trim. Following up with Synergy SB Capture at just 1-2oz/gal in an extraction spotter or carpet extractor will ensure that all residue is removed and the entire interior smells fresh and clean!

Both of these Synergy SB products are non-toxic, non-corrosive and fully bio-degradable.

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Synergy SB Program Specifications

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Synergy SB Capture SDS


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- 6/32oz Squeeze Bottles/case
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