Geo-Clean Plus, Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner-Degreaser

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Likely the versatile, general purpose cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer and waste-digestive product you have ever used, Geo-Clean Plus offers the very widest range of both dilution ratios (1:256 [floors & glass]; 1:128 [general light-duty cleaning]; 1:32 [restrooms cleaning]; 1:8 [heavy duty degreasing]) and application.

Breaks down organic soils and waste, cuts through protein, cleans surfaces and sub-surface soils, and even the waste water will clean drains and traps when emptied.

Simply put, we look at Geo-Clean Plus as being a “Just 1 Product” product.


Geo-Clean Plus Bio-Enzymatic Multi-Use Cleaner

With all of the versatile, and applicability of our Geo-Clean All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, but with the added benefit of active enzymes and non-pathogenic bacterial strains. Geo-Clean Plus becomes the “go-to” product for kitchen and food processing floor maintenance.

Use in a mop pail or automatic scrubber, and be sure to pour and dirty water down the floor drains – you’ll be maintaining those at the same time! Geo-Clean Plus contains no hazardous ingredients, and can be diluted from 1:32 to 1:256, depending on application.

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Geo-Clean Plus Specifications

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- Quarts (12/case),br> - Gallons (4/case)
- Pails (5gal)
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