Deep-Prep Concentrated Citrus Floor Restorer



Citru-Clean, Cleaner/Degreaser is a highly effective combination of natural citrus solvents and specialty surfactants.  Citru-Clean’s superior solvency and soil suspension properties make it an ideal choice for cleaning protein soils, animal, vegetable and petroleum based oils, fats and greases in schools, restaurants, hospitals, food processing and handling facilities, machine shops, warehouses, ships and commercial garages.

Citru-Clean is safe for use on stone, marble, ceramic tile, concrete, stainless steel and aluminum, fiberglass, formica and sealed wood.  Citru-Clean can be used in automatic scrubbers, mop and wringer buckets or applied using trigger, pump or pressurized sprayers.

Citru-Clean’s non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable formulation is exceptionally effective while being safe for maintenance personnel to use.


Deep-Prep Soil Remover, Gloss Restorer, SCOF Enhancer

First formulated many years ago as “Slip-Not”, this product joins the All-Floor Program as Deep-Prep.

Deep-Prep is a concentrated cleaner, restorer, gloss and slip-resistance enhancer all in one. The amazing and clearly visible results from using this product on worn and dull floor finish must be experienced first hand; but be sure to check out the growing library of videos that will be steadily produced to support our claims that this product can save you time a money like few other products.

Deep-Prep is NOT a traditional restorer. This product contains no wax, no polymers and no binders that will just trap soil when applied to dirty floors. Deep-Prep emulsifies the soil, softens the finish and leaves it pliable and ready for high speed burnishing.

Mixing Instructions are generally as follows:

To use for deep-scrubbing rubber or coated vinyl composite flooring, mix Deep-Prep at 1:8 and let set for 3 minutes. Scrub with a green pad, Fas-Trak 3-D Scrub System or SPP Pad. Extract, rinse and let dry before recoating.

For fast one-step restoration of lightly soiled, but dull coated VCT floors, mix Deep-Prep at 1:4, apply with a bucketless mop or Ultra-Trak (for coating large areas) and burnish immediately.

For daily cleaning of any floor or hard surface, mix at 1:128 – 1:64 depending on soil load.

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Citru-Clean Specifications

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Citru-Clean SDS
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- Quarts (12/case)
- Gallons (4/case)
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- Drums (55 gal)
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