Clean Plate Commercial Grade Manual Dish Detergent

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Clean Plate, our highly concentrated, grease-cutting yet gentle (on the hands) dish detergent will amaze you with its performance. You may come to expect long-lasting efficacy and streak-free dishware, glassware, and cookware.


Clean Plate, Concentrated Manual Pot & Pan Detergent

This effective, yet economical dish washing liquid is ideal for institutional use in hand washing utensils, flatware, and pots and pans. Formulated with emollients and lanolin, Clean Plate delivers aggressive cleaning action even against baked on food and greasy deposits and yet is non-irritating to hands and skin.

A special combination of ingredients assure long lasting suds even in hard water. This product contains no harsh detergents, or caustics, and is 100% biodegradable.

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Clean Plate Specifications

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Clean Plate SDS


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- Quarts (12/case),br> - Gallons (4/case)
- Pails (5gal)
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