Sealers and coatings for creating a durable protective wood floor gymnasium playing surface.

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Sting-Ray Finish Application System

5-FTS-1200 $495.00

Hydrothane HT Gloss Gym Finish (Water-Based)

3-561-04,05 $221.85$276.15

Coast-to-Coast High Gloss 350g/Liter Urethane Gym Finish (Oil-Based)

3-551-12,04,05 $153.25$170.00

Center Court High Gloss 450g/Liter Urethane Gym Finish (Oil-Based)

3-550-12,04,05 $107.55$142.30

All-Seal Multi-Surface Sealer, Preservative & Finish

3-571-04,05 $89.25$110.40

Waterless Cleaner (Prep & Clean-up for Oil-Based Finishes)

3-250-04,05 $92.75$100.60

24" Nano-Flock Coater Refill

5-TMFC-24R $17.50

18" Nano-Flock Coater Refill

5-TMFC-18R $14.50

24" Nylofoam Coater Refill

5-LWFC-24R $11.20

18" Nylofoam Coater Refill

5-LWFC-18R $10.00

5" x 18" Trapezoidal Applicator

6-BALAPP-18 $5.95
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