The care and maintenance of floor surfaces must have safety in mind. Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) is the standard for measuring slip resistance. Perma manufactures a full line of products that assist you in maintaining safer, less slippery floors.

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18" Complete Scrub & Clean Pad System

5-BL-035-17 $349.00

Balance Anti-Slip Finish Hardener & Gloss Enhancer

1-69-04,05 or 55 $105.10$130.00

Cutting Edge Anti-Slip, High Gloss Floor Finish

1-30-04,05 or 55 $80.00$98.85

All-Shine Multi-Surface, Anti-Slip Neutral Floor Cleaner & Restorer

2-71-04,05 or 55 $75.40$93.10

Deep-Prep Concentrated Citrus Floor Restorer

2-171-04,12 $67.15$81.25

Stand-Up Anti-Slip Neutral Floor Cleaner

2-70-04,05 or 55 $59.70$73.45

Traction Clean Anti-Slip Floor Cleaner & Degreaser

2-100-04,05 or 55 $55.10$67.70

Instant Traction Deep Cleaner & Anti-Slip Profiler

2-101-04,05 or 55 $54.15$66.55
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