Restrooms cleaning need not be difficult or distasteful with Perma products.

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18" Complete Scrub & Clean Pad System

5-BL-035-17 $349.00

18" Complete Scrub & Bonnet Pad System

5-BL-022-17 $349.00

Scoot Organic Waste Digester & Deodorizer

2-810-12,04,05 $48.45$69.25

Morning Star Foaming Restroom Cleaner

2-141-12,04,05 $44.30$62.30

Cinna Mist Malodor Counteractant & Deodorizer

2-134C-12,04,05 $42.70$59.60

Floral Mist Malodor Counteractant & Deodorizer

2-134-12,04,05 $42.70$59.60

Lavasept Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner

2-113-12,04 $47.75$55.40

Synergy SB Stand-Up Neutral Cleaner

2-2070-06D $54.25

Synergy SB No-Odor Deodorizer

2-2025-06D $54.25

Advantage Heavy Duty Scouring Cleanser

2-146-12 $50.75

Straight Flush Toilet Bowl Cleaner

2-945-12,04,05 $38.30$42.75
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