Perma’s super-concentrates for cleaning fall into two sub-categories: Synergy (2 Liter) containers & Synergy SB (32oz Squeeze Bottle) containers. To see more options for this category, please visit our Synergy Solutions website.

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18" Complete Scrub & Clean Pad System

5-BL-035-17 $349.00

18" Complete Scrub & Bonnet Pad System

5-BL-022-17 $349.00

Synergy SB Cling ClO2 Foaming Additive


Super Blue Concentrated Cleaner & Deodorizer

2-129-04,05 or 55 $49.25$60.40

Synergy SB Capture Carpet Cleaner

2-2065-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Soil Break Cleaner

2-2060-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Mechanics Heavy Duty Degreaser

2-2015-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Benchtop Industrial Cleaner

2-2010-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Green Line Cleaner

2-2158-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Citru-Clean USDA Compliant

2-2170-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Cheers Glass Concentrate

2-2165-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Traction Clean Degreaser

2-2100-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Stand-Up Neutral Cleaner

2-2070-06D $54.25

Synergy SB No-Odor Deodorizer

2-2025-06D $54.25

Synergy SB BioClean BioEnzymatic

2-2011-06D $54.25

Synergy SB Glass & Surface Cleaner

2-2000-06D $54.25
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