While the world is becoming increasingly dependent upon electronics, with robotics available in just about every manufacturing sector, I am once again amazed by the foresight of the leadership at Perma, Inc to have been among the very first to create and pioneer Anti-Static protection for floors.

We’ve all experienced it…you walk across a floor, touch a metal surface and ZAP!! you get a shock. 

That experience may be a momentary discomfort to us, but to a circuitry board, a low-voltage electronic switch or an armament’s fuse, that can become an absolute disaster.

You may not know this, but Perma is going on 35 years as one of the premiere manufacturers for protecting life, property and circuitry with their extensive line of ESDC Products. The reason you may not know this is because the vast majority goes out under various private labels.

These products include:

Stat-Crete Water-based Epoxy Coating

Stat-Seal Tile Floor Sealer

Stat-Coat Tile Floor Finish

Shock-Shield Protective Coating

Shock-Stop Multi-Surface Cleaner & Conditioner

Stat-Clean Tile Floor Cleaner

Stat-Buff Tile Floor Gloss Maintainer

Stat-Mat Benchtop Cleaner & ESD Maintainer

And are these products trusted? You bet! Giants in various industries like Microsoft, Google, General Dynamics, SeaBox, IBM and many more have placed the trust of their systems on Perma ESDC products – you and your clients can certainly do the same. 


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