Is there a coating available that can give my floors greater durability and yet have maintainable gloss?

Yes, there is and has been for many years, but until now, you had only the choice between clear and medium gray. Now, Perma offers a system with 48 different base colors, and an endless opportunity for creative floor design. 

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7. NEW: Perma’s Program for All-Floor Care.

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Years of Proof

Available for more than 20 years…

The base component for this system has been available for more than 20 years! Developing one of the very first water-soluble epoxy resins in the industry, Perma formulated and has sold epoxy coatings into many prestigious facilities in the technology and electronic manufacturing world.

A [once very] Limited Offering:

Like Henry Ford, they sought out to keep the offering and color-matching extremely simple, “You can have it in any color you’d like, as long as it is…”

  • Clear, or
  • Gray

Opening Up New Markets…

Perma then went on to add a second proprietary component to their gray epoxy program and created “Stat-Crete” gaining them access into facilities like: Search Engine Giants, Munitions Manufacturers, Radar Control Centers, Aircraft Manufacturers and more! This new capability helped these facilities to protect circuitry, prevent accidents and improve system testing and security.

How the NEW Perma Seal Color System Works...

Start with a Clean Palette –

Just like any floor finishing or recoating job, you want to begin with a surfaces that is “Clean, Dull, and Dry”. This is to ensure the very best possible adhesion. Badly soiled concrete can be deep cleaned with Perma #156 Deep Impact, followed by a quick etch with #111E Prepare. Lightly soiled concrete or ceramic tile can be cleaned with #101 Instant Traction. Wood floor surface should be screened or at least deep cleaned with an Surface Prep Pad and #255 All-Prep. VCT and other vinyl, asphalt or asbestos tile may also be deep scrubbed with #255 All-Prep.

Add a Backdrop to your Color Choice –

The application of 1-2 coats of #35 Onyx will ensure that  you have a uniform backdrop to your choice of metallic pigment epoxies, and give a much deeper and richer appearance to the floor. Should you care to lighten it up, you may choose one of our #36 Titanium solid color sealers instead.

Blend in the Pigment to the Base – 

The Perma Seal Clear Base, #22CS is starting point. Using 1, 2, 3 or any number of pigments, mix in a 1oz container of pigment into epoxy just after catalyzation.  This can be done with a mixer on a drill or even just a wooden paint stirrer. It takes just minutes to prepare the product.  Selecting a few complementary colors can add variegation to your floor, we even have color-shifting pigments, if you care to get really wild!

Applying the Epoxy – 

If you can roll paint, or run an airless paint sprayer, you can apply this product.  It’s just that simple. 

When using a variety of colors, consider pouring stripes of the different colors and swirl them together lightly with a T-Bar Applicator or a moss squeegee. Here, you are only looking to approximate the 3 mil wet film thickness – the finished product will dry down to 1 mil.

Letting it Set & Cure –

Water-based epoxies dry in about 5-7 hours, and sufficiently cure so that you can walk on it within a day or two. To fully cure, and be ready for abuse, let it set for 48-72 hours. See the Specification Page for the full details.

A Detailed Understanding:
How can such a system make a difference in my facility or home?

It is not at all uncommon now for homes, offices, restaurants, and retail stores to be constructed with a concrete slab with radiant heat. Concrete can be somewhat unsightly unless diamond polished, and the expense and ongoing maintenance of that system has turned some away.

By far, this system, with its relatively low cost, its great variety of colors, wear-resistance, and ease of application will make it the best ongoing choice in a number of situations:

  • The entry hallway that just won’t hold floor finish over the VCT tile;
  • The concrete floor in the restaurant set up in the converted space;
  • The home built on a concrete slab;
  • The unsightly and worn wood floor requiring the toughest durability;
  • The classroom floor with asbestos tile requiring either expensive abatement or encapsulation;
  • The laboratory, showroom or retail spaced requiring a lower-maintenance floor coating.

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