Polished Concrete floor

How To Care for Polished Stone Floors

Isn’t there an EASIER way to KEEP our stone floors looking like NEW?

Perma's Fast Answer

1.  Definitely…It need not be difficult!
2.  For Sure…It doesn’t have to be expensive!
3.  Certainly…You may expect it to look perpetually great!

Cleaning always includes chemical and mechanical action.

Regardless if you are just getting started and want to deep cleaning or hone your hard floor, or you already have a beautiful substrate and just want a simple program to maintain your floors, Perma has both the chemical and mechanical action answers!

Our chemistry can start the process going, while our in-house offering of scrubbing, honing, polishing and burnishing pads can bring your floor up to the very standard for which you are looking!

How can we best deep clean our hard surface floor?

Deep cleaning is best accomplished with…

Perma #101 Instant Traction can provide deep cleaning and etching action, all while employing a 400# grit pad to hone a dull concrete, terrazzo or marble floor. This product will pull embedded dirt out from deep within the pores and create a profile that promotes quick mechanical repair.

Does Perma have a replacement for expensive densifiers?


Perma #571 All-Seal is just the answer for finding that replacement for uber-expensive Lithium-Silicate densifiers.  This product has been specially formulated to provide the best penetrating seal on virtually any hard surface. On hard floors, it is best applied to a rinsed floor after 800# honing.

In the case of (especially porous) concrete, it fills the pores and locks in the natural matrix of materials to reduce dusting, degradation, and destruction by staining or foot traffic. Best yet, it sets the stage for a permanent, perpetual and simple maintenance system.

How can we get that perpetual beauty to which you keep referring?

The real genius to our program is in the maintenance cleaner, and polishing/burnishing pads.

Perma #71 Aurora contains micro-silicates that accomplish two purposes: repairing lost substrate, and increasing slip-coefficient of friction.  Furthermore, formulated with nano-polymers and gloss-enhancing surfactants, Perma #71 Aurora responds to every ounce of mechanical action thrown at it. Here’s what we mean…

Putting Perma #71 Aurora into an automatic scrubber (at 2-4oz/gal) with a 1500# grit diamond pad will begin the process of building luster and evening out substrate imperfections. Continue with this process for at least 2 weeks or 10 washings.

Continuing the process with Perma #71 Aurora in an automatic scrubber with a 3000# grit diamond pad (followed by dry burnishing with the same), will really make your floors POP!

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