What a Fancy Cabinet Adds to your Cost to Clean?

Want the answer in a nutshell? 

Perma's Fast Answer

1.  It adds cost to your product…
2.  It adds cost to your labor…
3.  It makes a joke of your sustainability statement.

How does a dilution control cabinet add cost to your product?

A leading brand of chemical cleaning products sells a Neutral Floor Cleaning in 2 x 2.5L bottles for around $85.00/case.

That is around 85 ounces for $85.00, or a dollar an ounce, 1/2 ounce is used to produce 1 gallon of ready-to-use neutral floor cleaner for $.50/gallon – and it is JUST a neutral cleaner! Compare it with our highly portable, accurately dispensed Synergy SB Stand Up Neutral Cleaner, at $54.25 for 6 x 32oz, which can easily be used at the same concentration, for about 1/2 the price per usable gallon.

Furthermore, Synergy SB Stand Up both cleans the floor and increased the Slip Coefficient of Friction – helping to prevent Slip and Fall accidents. 

How does a dilution control cabinet add cost to your labor?

Your cleaning staff might as well be wearing a Ball & Chain…

If your cleaning team has to return to a closet each time they need to –

  • Refill a spray bottle
  • Change to fresh mopping solution, or
  • Create effective disinfectant…

Then they are certainly adding steps to their day, and opening themselves up to interruptions, distractions and the potential for choosing to continue mopping with dirty water rather than making the trip back to the closet.

With our Synergy and Synergy SB “on the fly” dilution systems, accurate dispensing can be accomplished ANYWHERE at ANY TIME!

How do dilution cabinets make a joke of your sustainability statement?

To Begin With…

The vast majority of the components of a dilution control cabinet are made of non-recyclable plastics, and when they are replaced, must be just cast off into the general solid waste stream.  Furthermore, the majority of wall-mounted dilution control systems will not “use up” all of the concentrate in the bottle, so 1/2-1 ounce of concentrate (at $.50/ounce) is discarded with each and every bottle.

On the contrary, EVERY Synergy and Synergy SB Portable Dilution Control bottle is fully recyclable, and is designed for Squeeze & Pour Measuring or, in the case of the Synergy Solutions System, can be used with re-usable, portable dilution control guns.

Are there any other benefits to a portable dilution control system from Perma & Synergy Solutions?


In Short, Synergy and Synergy SB Portable Dilution Products are designed to be market-specific.

Heathcare – Enhancing the performance of microfiber: 

Housekeeping, Custodial & Building Service Contracting: 

Synergy SB for Foodservice: 

Synergy SB For Industrial & Transportation: 

With such clarity of purpose, product choice and application become a breeze, and training is super simple. Check them all out with the built-in links above!

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