There’s no substitution for good cleaning. 

That’s right. The best disinfectant in the world can’t replace the need for a proper cleaning protocol. Cleaning is the removal of soil and bio-burden from any hard of soft surface, disinfection (and sanitization) means the biological destruction of the germs that remain on the surface.  These are NOT the same.

Even the best disinfectants made are generally not good cleaners. In fact, most classes of disinfectant (including bleach) are not able to penetrate and remove the self-defensive coating that bacteria produces to protect itself – a substance called “Bio-film“.  If you can’t penetrate the defenses, you will never get to the enemy of mankind, germs.  Furthermore, many disinfectants require so long a dwell-time, that they dry and become sticky, giving germs something to grip onto. We refer to these touch points at “Germ Banks“.

“Germ Banks” accept a deposit (of germs) from one person that may then be withdrawn by another person – much like the photo at the top of this page.

So, what’s a person to do? 

First off, whenever possible, clean with microfiber. This amazing material has the capacity to capture and contain up to 98% of all soil and bio-burden with which it comes into contact. To make it convenient when ordering, Perma has made the commitment to stock a broad selection of microfiber – check it out in our online store.

Secondly, for hard, non-porous surfaces, choose a cleaning agent that leaves little to no residue – this practice denies the germs a chance to grab a foothold on surfaces around and about your facility. Some great products for this would be Synergy SB Glass, and Synergy SB Cheers.

Third, when cleaning porous, or heavily contaminated surfaces, places like floors, grouted tile, laminates, plastics, fiberglass, and porcelain, use enzyme containing and producing products like Perma Geo Clean Plus, Perma Scoot, or Synergy SB Bio-Clean Plus. These great products will leave behind benevolent bacteria that produce enzymes that can break down organic soils [read: food stuff] that could have otherwise fed malicious and pathogenic bacteria.

So, use disinfectants – for sure, but only on properly precleaned surfaces.

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