The Key to Floor Care Success

I thought all sealers were either watered-down finishes, or just cheaper polymers. What makes All-Seal different? 

An Essential Part of the All-Floor Program...

Save on Stripping with Perma All-Prep
Floor Care Success Insurance – Perma All-Seal
The Great Labor Saver – Perma All-Coat
Daily Build & Repair – Perma All-Shine

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In a Nutshell...

If you read only a single bit of information – read this…

We coat floor substrates to beautify and protect them – right? 

When a floor finish doesn’t properly bond, we say that it “walks off the floor” – for without good adhesion, the thin film can’t take the traffic.

When a coating is so soft that it can be easily scratched, marred and dulled, it provides nothing but a headache when trying to maintain it.

All-Seal has been specifically formulated to both provide the “Best in Class” bond and an extremely high resistance to abrasion. Suffice it to say, without these two factors, no floor care program has a chance to succeed and All-Seal stands alone in this category of performance.  

Here are the Details...

(Here’s the stuff most people won’t care to know, but really makes us absolutely GIDDY over All-Seal!)

First off, most sealers are formulated with only a single type of an acrylic polymer, some inexpensive resins and a great deal of water.

With All-Seal, you are getting a unique blend of Urethane dispersionPolyester and Aliphatic resins all bonded with a Bimodial Polymer.  What that means is that…

When used as a base-coat sealer, All-Seal can bond with virtually ANY hard surface, creating a tremendous advantage for the coating or finish that is placed on top of it. It is the GLUE that both sticks to the floor – and to the All-Coat finish to follow.  This makes in essential as a pre-coat for gymnasium floor systems.

When used as a low-sheen sealer and finish-in-one, for areas like Acute Care Operating Suites, Examination Rooms, Long-Term Care residence floors, Classrooms, and difficult to refinish Office areas, you will get a tremendously tough coat that is nearly indestructible.

And when you need a coating to still be sufficiently flexible to work on Rubber Sports Floors, Johnsonite Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tile, where traditional finishes will crack and flake off – All-Seal stands tough.

What Else Make this Product So Special?

First off, as a sealer, All-Seal only requires ONE coat and will generally dry in 10-15 minutes.

Secondly, when spread as directed, a single gallon of All-Seal will cover 3000-4000sf, depending on the substrate.

Finally, All-Seal will so effectively seal off the pores of any substrate – and wear so darn well – that the need for strip-outs is almost forever eliminated!

Systematic Floor Care:
An Overview of the Components

Let’s take a quick minute to look at the All-Floor System Components as each would be used, starting on an un-coated, bare floor – be it wood, VCT, concrete or terrazzo. Other surfaces, such as LVT and rubber will be addressed within the descriptions below.

Step 1: Protecting the Substrate with All-Seal

As mentioned earlier, all substrates are, to some degree porous. The key to a successful floor care system is to keep the soil on the TOP of the floor coating system where it can be removed, and to NOT let it get into the pores of the substrate.

In this system, we “sandwich” the beautifying coating between two very different nano-polymer products: one below the coat, one above. The one below is called Perma All-Seal. This far-spreading (coverage is generally around 3000sf/gal), fast-drying (generally dries in 5-10 minutes), tough, rigid and stain-resistant material fills, seals and protects the floor at a microscopic level.

This product is best applied with our 5″ x 18″ Conditioner and Finish Applicator.

Step 2: Rapid Coating with All-Coat

When you need to build a thick protective dry, durable film, there’s not sense wasting literally 50% of your time waiting for finish to dry. Most traditional finishes contain a singular polymer of around 18-22% of the wet fill content, that dries to approximately 1/5th of the wet film thickness.

What we did when formulating Perma All-Coat is to blend together an assortment of types and sizes of polymers to ensure that there are a variety of defensive characteristics all working together. Some are large to rapidly build film, some are small to eliminate voids in the finish, some are rigidly hard to resist abrasion, some are sufficiently soft to allow for burnishing. Each coat applied will dry to approximately 1/3rd of the wet fill thickness – that is 20% more product per coat!

This product can provide for faster floor finishing, generally requiring only:

  • 2 coats over All-Seal for classrooms, and Terrazzo
  • 3 coats over All-Seal for hallways, concrete and fitness studio wood floors
  • 4 coats ONLY when used as a gym finish (and then only center of the court).

This finish applies even quicker when spread with a Fas-Trak Ultra-Trak or Fas-Trak Sting-Ray.

Step 3: Perpetuating Cleanliness, Gloss & Slip-Resistance with All-Shine

We won’t hesitate to admit that NO finish system can survive in an environment where proper cleaning routines are not employed.  But what we will claim is that no one has made maintaining floors easier than with this system.

Perma All-Shine has no equal in the industry for breadth of applicability and quality of formula. This product can be diluted at a variety of rates, that depends entirely upon your traffic flow and cleaning frequency. From .5oz/gal to 4oz/gal, the more you clan, the less you can use, it’s just that simple.

This product will effectively emulsify soils on any floor, repair scratches, blemishes and improve a floors gloss and SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) or Slip-Resistance. When used on polished concrete, it has the added benefit in that the same nano-particulate silica that increases traction can actually help to rebuild the concrete, by filling new formed voids, sealing in the aggregate and placing a gloss coating over the top – all in a single step.

Step 4: Deep Scrub & Recoating INSTEAD of Stripping

Into this system we have allowed for the occurrence when the gloss can no longer be restored in accordance to your cleaning routine. When that happens, we have Perma All-Prep.

This product, used with warm water and mixed at 2-4oz/gal will soften the damaged coats of finish, and when used with our Scrub & Strip pad, will help you to even remove a layer or two of finish to prepare your floor for a new top-coat.

The All-Floor System Products

Step 1: Product - All-Seal
Step 3: Product - All-Shine
Step 2: Product - All-Coat
Step 4: Product - All-Prep

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